The role of a counselor in a rehab

All over the world, people struggle with different types of addiction and mental health problems without finding the right help. One of the places where they are likely to get the best type of help is the rehab.

Visiting the rehab exposes you to different health professionals who will help you get back on your feet in no time.

One of these health professionals that are pivotal to an individual’s recovery from addiction or mental illness, is the counselor. Here are some of the roles a counselor plays in rehab.

Evaluate the patient’s condition

The counselor conducts an in-depth assessment or review of the patient’s addiction or mental illness so that they can know the next step to take.

Without the genuine testimonial of the individual, it would be hard for the counselor to proffer the next steps of treatment that they need to undergo.

Provide therapeutical support

Most times, patients need all the support they can garner when they are undergoing treatment at rehab. For instance, someone receiving addiction treatment might be at loggerheads with their family and friends.

Hence, they might not get support from them. The counselor understands this possibility and hence, stands in the gap by ensuring the individual gets the best therapeutical support.

Help patients recognize their strengths and weaknesses

Patients usually enter the rehab with a weak and defeated mindset. Some of them believe that they are failures because they are addicted or suffering from a mental health problem.

If they retain that mindset, it can affect them from getting the best help possible.

Therefore, the counselor helps them identify their weaknesses and strengths so that they can know how to navigate their treatment phase.

It might be difficult for anyone to recover from an addiction or mental health problem without the counselor’s help. Counselors form a relationship based on trust with their patients, and they provide sufficient guidance, resources, and support to help them get better over time.

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