A rehab is a term used for intensive programs that are supervised by healthcare professionals. These programs are structured to assist people in treatment so that they are able to defeat addiction and mental health problems.

A rehab can be of help to you or your loved one because, the addiction or mental health problem would be a thing of the past.

The duration of treatment might not be the same thing for everyone and this is because we all have peculiar situations. So, no single treatment suffices for everyone. It is important to know what works for you and suits your need.

The first type of therapy is physical therapy. This is a type of therapy that assists in improving dysfunction in movement. Therapists work hand-in-hand with patients for their stability, strength and movement to be restored.

Next is occupational therapy. The function of this type of therapy is to restore the ability of an individual by performing the essential daily activities.

This could mean that their motor skills would improve, balance would be restored and patients would learn how to step-up their functional ability.

Another type of therapy is speech therapy. With this type of therapy, individuals are assisted in solving various difficulties with communication, speech and swallowing.

Also, there is respiratory therapy. This is a type of therapy that help patients who have breathing problems. With this therapy, they are assisted to reduce respiratory distress and they learn the act of using inhalers and supplemental oxygen.

Cognitive Rehabilitation therapy is another type. It is usually called cognitive-behavior rehabilitation. This form of therapy helps patients to enhance their memory, reasoning skills and thoughts process.

Lastly, there is vocational rehabilitation. This form of therapy is targeted at helping individuals to adapt to their normal way of life after they have sustained illness, injury and the likes.

You can get any of these types of therapy at various healthcare stings. They can be accessed at outpatient rehabs, in-patient rehabs and home-based rehabilitation programs.

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